Friday, March 26, 2010

Its crazy how quickly things can change. In a week, in a month. Time seems to fly by so fast.
Its a pain having to lie and cover up for people all of the time. Its so much easier to straight up say what I want to say. The truth. But I have to be nice for the sake of everybody else, because its not my truth to tell.
Life is so complicated. One day is amazing, the next is just like hell. People come and go. The ones who matter stay. The ones who matter most to you, you don't let go. You refuse to give up on them. Others, no matter what, you still continue to hold at a distance, not entirely sure yourself why you keep them in your life.
I've noticed more and more how selfish the human race is. How many people find a way to make every situation, every occurance about themselves. Its quite humerous. And I've noticed how most people never really change. Regardless of how much they want to believe that they have. When your in complete denial, I guess you haven't reached the step where you realize that you are the one with a serious problem. Not that it matters because once that step is finally reached, its usually a little too late.