Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wow. I am a huge slacker. I'm never going to get this picture thing down. I can't remember to do it on a daily basis. Oh, well, its only meant to kind of help me countdown this year lol. If I miss a few days here and there, I guess that's ok.
The concert went amazing Sunday night. I knew Avenged Sevenfold was pro-military, but I have a whole knew respect for them. They are one of the bands that travels overseas quite often to perform for our troops. They dedicated a nice amount of time to our troops that night. It was nice to hear them get some recognition. Anywho -- I would post some pictures but me, being the genius that I am, happened to delete every photo on my memory card that night, therefore, all of my good photos are obsolete.
The baby's first appointment went ok today... I'm not enjoying them taking so much blood, but it's a must, right? Just a few more weeks & I can find out what my little lovebug is :D I'm so very excited!

6 more days!

Day 9

A Picture Of Something You Have Been Wanting To Do

I've put this off for far too long. There's no more excuses anymore. Come May, pregnant or not, I'll finally be heading back to persue some sort of career :D