Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goodbye normal self, hello Psycho. I've never been so hormonal in my life. I can honestly say I feel for those around me, strangers and all. The first time I spased out over a can of Spaghetti-os, I knew it was getting bad. I cry for no reason & as I cry, I can say I have no clue what is wrong, but at the same time, I cannot stop the tears. I can get completely evil on the spin of a dime, usually over food. I'll clear this up. I can't eat much & I don't crave too much, so when I do want something & I can't get it or its sucky (which is usually the case), I get a little upset lol. It is absolutley horrible when you're starving but you can't eat anything!!
Baby's first doctors appointment is here in an hour or so. I'm ready to see my lil love bug on that ultrasound screen & to hear the heartbeat :) I think I still have yet another appointment to make an appearance at before I get that privledge, but the anticipation is killing me!!!