Thursday, August 11, 2011

August has proven to be quite interesting. Entering the last month of my pregnancy, bringing closer the day that my husband's arms are finally wrapped around me, and simply just a lot of growth. I see some things so much more clearly now, more so than I ever have. But then on the other hand, some things are just as foggy. But... its progress. & Lord knows, progress is what I need.
I've realized a lot. I run my mouth a lot. (not behind peoples backs persay, anything I have to say, I'm perfectly capable of saying face-to-face.) However, I need to grow up in ways such as that. I don't ALWAYS have to have something to say. I've always been a good listener. Sometimes I need to keep it that way. Restrict throwing in my opinion and simply listen. That's a goal for the rest of this year.
Anyways. What's been going on the past little bit? Tyler is working fast at getting here & my body simply cannot keep up. I'm exhausted 99% of the time & while I push myself, I still can't seem to get anything done that needs to be done. I am so ready for all of this stress to be OVER with.
Baby showers went wonderful thanks to some amazing individuals that I am so very blessed to have in my life. Work is being very understanding, which is always great. Being on my feet is killing me, though. Heck, being off my feet isn't much better anymore lol.
R&R is getting super duper close & I'm so very excited! I have lots planned for my hubs. Some surprises he could never ever imagine :) I'm just praying they all work out! I want his time home to be amazing!
Anywho, I've decided to restart a new challenge or as for today, just a srvey, since I'm horrible at completing them!! Ha. At least it gives me something to do on lonely nights like this one!!

A - Age - 22
B - Bed Size - Queen. Only for the time being. Please believe when it comes time for me to head back to Hawaii, a king we will be buying! The hubs may not be a big ol' guy, but he sure is a bed hog!
C - Chore you dislike - Bathrooms. Mainly because the roomie sheds like a dog haha. Within a day or so, it looks like I haven't touched a thing.
D - Dogs - Sadly, I have none. One more thing that has to wait until our return to the island.
E - Essential start to your day - Well, consistant movement & kicks in my belly for the past couple of months :)
F - Favorite color - Pink. I'm a girl, what can I say?
G - Gold or silver - Silver. WHITE gold :)
H - Height - 5'4
I - Instruments you've played - I'm musically challenged. Can't really play instruments or sing ha. But I really do want to learn to play the guitar.
J - Job title - Pharmacy Technician.
K - Kids - Tyler :) Who is due to make his appearance VERY soon!!
L - Live - Oboring, KY at the moment.
M - Mom's name - Pam
N - Nicknames - Jennie Beane, Baby Mama, Hot Mama (thanks to the roomie & the girlies at work lol)
O - Overnight hospital stays - Hmm.. delivery soon will be my one and only.
P - Pet peeves - Liars, cheaters, fake people.
Q - Quote from a movie - Hmm.. its late & I can't really think at the moment.
R - Righty or lefty - Lefty
S - Siblings - 2 AWESOME brother-in-laws, if that counts :)
T - Time you wake up - As of now, it all depends on when I have to work.
U - Underwear - Cute ones
V - Vegetables that you don't like - Spinich.
W - What makes you run late - Myself. That extra 15 minutes of sleep.
X - X-rays you've had - Plenty of my sinus cavity, chest xrays...
Y - Yummy food you make - I'm not that great of a cook, but I can make some awesome enchilladas.
Z - Zoo animals - Penguins & dolphins