Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You'll Be On My Mind Wherever I Go... We Were Meant To Be...

Another day with the pregnancy/missing my hubbie blues. I know I have to pull myself out of these little blah days & I know I can... I know he's not going to be gone for the much longer, its a fact, but some days it doesn't matter how much I tell myself that I'll be in his arms soon, soon just doesn't feel like it gets here quick enough. My impatientness doesn't help too much either...

So, a fellow Army wife sent me this link. Its from a military member who sings pretty damn well. His name is Tyler Toliver and even though after listening to his song "Live Our Dream" for a couple of minutes, I break down into tears, there is something about this mans voice that just captivates me. Go to YouTube and check him out :D


Day 3

A Photo Of Your First Celebrity Crush

So, it was definitley a toss up between these two. I had my major obsessions back in the day... Nsync, Leo, Backstreet Boys... It didn't take much for me to *crush* over celebrities lol.