Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm in a funk.
This week has simply been a funk. I had one good day. Fully motivated & all. Ever since, I've been nothing but blah. It really needs to be publicized how crazy pre-deployment can make one. On top of hormones, I feel like a crazy woman. On cloud 9 one moment, sulking the next. Whoo. It'll get better I know. My biggest issue is I need to deal with things better -- more positive. That's my newest goal. We will see how it works out. Somethings just feel bigger than me & at times, its a whee bit overwhelming.

Anywho, I found the following on MannLand5's site & thought it would be fun to start so here goes :)

The Q & A --

1. If you won the title of Miss America, what would your platform be?
This one is a toughy -- there's a lot I stand for. But I'm going to go traditional & practical -- world peace. How many problems would that seriously solve?
2. Outdoorsy or indoorsy?
A mixture of the two -- if it's warm outside, I'm up for practically anything outdoorsy... If it's cold, you can forget it.
3. Pajama's out in public... classy or tres tacky?
I'm going to go with tacky on this one -- even if I'm semi-guilty of it on one occasion or another.
4. Nook, kindle, book?
At the moment, just a good ol' book. Buuuut I'd really love to try out the nook. :)
5. Would you rather wear the same outfit for a week or not brush your teeth for a week?
Hmm.. Depending on my activities, prolly the same outfit. I cannot handle not brushing my teeth or taking a shower.
6. What's your favorite blog at the moment?
Take A Walk With Me -- Sara Milo
7. Lately I've been daydreaming about....?
My soldier's homecoming (even though he hasn't quite left yet...) & the arrival of our baby boy... Hence the day when we will all 3 be together & be able to be a family. Its only 365 + days away... Only...