Monday, August 2, 2010

I Am Finding That Is Not The Way I Want My Story To End...

Why is it that you never ever seem to really learn? In your head and in your heart you truely know that certain people will never ever fully change. If their selfish, chances are they are never going to be selfless. If they constantly think of themselves first, well, you get the picture... So why is it that we always seem to give those people chance after chance, time and time again, even after they have proven to us that is simply how they are? Why do we put hope in our hearts for those people, when they truely do not deserve it && the people who do, if they slip up once, that's all it takes to shut them out? Human nature. I'll never understand it.

As I've said time and time again, I'm so sick of longing. I will be happy when I never have to count the days down to anything ever again. However, that just isn't going to happen, not with what I'm referring to at least.

I'll be in Hawaii in approximately a month. Its crazy how time flies by when you look back on it... My soldier && I will finally be able to begin our new little journey together. Lord knows I've done nothing but looked forward to it for the past 96 days. I keep looking at it as a fresh new start, literally in a brand new place where I know nobody. Endless possibilites, right? Enrolling in school, meeting new people, letting them form new && fresh opinions of me, the person I am now, not the person I used to be, sounds very appealing to me. Starting my life with my husband sounds even more wonderful. Maybe I'll finally discover myself. Just maybe.