Sunday, January 16, 2011

I've been seeing a lot of these 365 day photo challenges or simply just these 30 day tasks things. They are somewhat gaining my interest. Take the entire year to try something new and divide it into months, changing it up every 30 days... I think I like the sound of it. Maybe something small to help lift my spirits up until I start school, until I have the baby, until my husband leaves & returns home lol. Something to last until I can finally end all of my little countdowns.

Anywho, here goes:

Day #1

A picture of you with 5 facts.
1. I love hard... and unconditionally.
2. My husband (and baby-to-be) are the most important individuals in my life... They both have had such a huge impact on my life...
3. I'm a complete daddy's girl -- he is my best friend.
4. I trust easy... Until it back fires on me one too many times, then it is next to impossible to earn back.
5. I have lots of dreams for my life and the determination to make them all come true.
That's it for tonight... Perhaps a decent nights sleep will present itself tonight :D

You Know That I Love You, I Don't Want To Leave You...

Having a rough night. A rough night of many. People really do not realize how easy they have it in this life, do they? It aggravates me how people take advantage of the little things in their lives and still tend to act like they have it bad. Why stay in relationships if you constantly talk as if you are unhappy with the person you are with? Don't be petty and stay simply because you are comfortable. Pack up & move on to the next stage in your life. It IS as easy as that. Many couples go WITHOUT their significant others & would give anything to have them by their sides at night when they go to bed & here you are complaining because of something trivial, about being so miserable, yet you do NOTHING to improve your situation. Geez, get over yourself & go make a better life for your own good!!. Ugh.