Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Don't Matter Where I Lay My Head Tonight, Your Arms Feel Like Home...

Nights like tonight. Those simple, routine nights. Him playing his video games, me relaxing on my laptop. A kiss in between rounds. The little smiles across the room. I'm going to miss. My gosh, I'm going to miss them so very much. I've realized the fights are going to happen. I was almost certain they wouldn't. Everyone else may get into those pre-deployment fights perhaps even fights during deployment, I thought, but not us. We're different. Ha. Bull. We're human just like everybody else & stress/fear/worrying has a way of getting the best out of everybody at some point & let me tell you, this past little bit has been rough. Me, with my wonderful crazy woman hormones, & his short-edged temper, needless to say, we've bumped heads quite a lot. But then those little things occur, a wise-crack, someone laughs, or whatever & all is well again. That's how I know we will be okay. I was desperatley trying to keep things to myself -- if he would upset me by doing something or by doing nothing at all (I am pregnant -- he can look at me the 'wrong' way sometimes & my world turns upside down & i'm in misery lol) I wouldn't say a word for I didn't want to argue at all before he leaves. Genius thought, right? Instead, things just built up and I'd explode eventually. Bad idea. If a fight occurs, I'm just going to let it happen. Talk calmly of course & make every attempt to end it quickly, but the fact of the matter is, I think at times we need to let all of that negative energy release. Perhaps at each other isn't the best possible outlet, but it happens. Doesn't mean we love each other any less.

"This life ain't the fairytale we both thought it would be but I can see your smiling face as its staring back at me... I know we both see these changes now... I know we both understand somehow..." -- 3 doors down

I simply can't believe how fast time is flying by. Literally, it is just zipping right on past. This has already been one busy month. Pre-inspection for moving out tomorrow. The one thing I am not sad to leave behind is Hawaii Military Housing. Holy cow, these places are something else!! Can we say never dealing with on-post housing here again? Yes, yes we can. Hopefully they don't make the attempt to charge us an arm and a leg for their cheap housing. Hell, $2011 for rent should cover EVERY possible damage out there. (& trust me, we haven't vandalized a thing -- we do take care of the place we live in...) Anywho, wish me all the luck with them tomorrow. Something tells me I am going to need it.