Monday, October 25, 2010

Its been quite some time since I've updated this thing. The very last post described how miserable and upset I was cause of my situation, well now I'm finally back in the arms of my wonderful husband && it is absolutely amazing!! I think perhaps I love him a little too much than its humanely possible. Things are so different now. The talk of his deployment has truthful spread a new light on things. We don't fight over trivial things anymore. We focus on whats important && that is our time together. Granted disagreements and arguments occur, but they are over and done with quite quickly. For anybody that knows us, that was never the case before. I'm so thankful that we found each other and that we are smart enough to realize how lucky we are to have what we have.
Starting our life new in Hawaii has definitely been a completely different experience. We both wanted to get away from home more than anybody. I don't think either of us truely realized how moving 5,000 miles away would impact us. I've enjoyed almost every minute of it. I'm definitley taking the time to see and experience all that I can before our short little time here is up, but missing family and friends back home can be a bit overwhelming at times, for the both of us. Then of course the cost to visit home is completely outrageous. One thing it has done is taught us to rely on each other. It has definitely done nothing but bring us closer and make our relationship stronger.
Living in Hawaii, now thats something else. Just like any place that you live, it has its pros and its cons. Moving here, I thought the one thing that I would absouletely have no problem with was satisfying my appetite. Boy was I wrong on that one. While there is some very nice and scrumptious places to eat here, there are plenty more that aren't so great. But on top of that, there is simply a lot of repetiveness. Rice, BB&Q, && billions of other Asian foods. Everywhere you turn. It gets a little old after a while. Not too much variety, unless you want to head to Honolulu every single outing.
The bugs are horrible. And when I say bugs, I mean bugs! Centepedes, Flying cockroaches, oh && even geckos. The cockroaches aren't your normal roaches. It doesn't matter whether your home is completley spotless && clean, or whether you live like a slob, they always seem to find a way to present themselves. && they are HUGE!! Speaking from being a devout hater of bugs, this isn't good for me. Not in the least bit.
There's so much more to say... Perhaps in a later post... <3