Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 ~ Happy New Year

Is it possible to have everything figured out but still be in utter confusion? I know, that made absolutley noooo sense but I'm not sure how else to put it!! I am completely happy but at the same time, not so much. I want more than anything for this year to be different, BETTER. I don't want the problems from last year to follow beside me this year... I'm making a strong attempt to brush everything off. Start brand new and I'll take care of everything as it comes my way.

**Define yer meaning of war. To me its wat we do when we're bored. I feel the heat coming up off of the blacktop, and it makes me want it more.**

I'm just so tired of being angry. And hurt. And all of those other emotions that nobody ever enjoys. I truely am looking for a change. No, I'll rephrase that. I'm in desperate need of one. And the only way for ANYTHING in my life to get better, I have to make one.

**Let's take a trip down memory lane. The word circling in my brain. You can treat this like another all the same. But don't cry like a bitch when u feel the pain..**

I want to face all of my problems and dilemma's head on. I'm through with backing down.

**This is hardly worth fighting for, but it's the little petty shit that I can't ignore. With my fist in yer face and yer face on the floor...**