Saturday, July 16, 2011

How do you overcome that emptiness during deployment? I stay about as busy as I can, but anymore it just isn't enough. Maybe its just the typical excessive emotions of being almost 8 months pregnant that's making it worse. Who knows. I'm just overwhelmed with missing him. The thought of him not being here for the birth of our little boy terrifies me. I have this gut feeling that something just isn't going to go as planned. (Plans never work out, right?) And I just, I need him here. That is all there is to it. Nobody compares to him. He has the ability to calm me down, to put my mind at ease. Ugh. I know I'm having my own little pity party here. Forgive me. I just want him home, thats all.

Anyways.... for my little 30 days thingy....

Day 6

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