Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 day challenge - day 6

Post a picture that makes you happy.

Seeing my precious baby boy sends emotions through me that I can't even begin to describe. I am so anxious to bring him into this world that I can't see straight! This pretty well ties into Worldless Wednesday as well, which works perfectly for me. Y'all have a good night :)

wee bit wednesday

Today has been one of those blah, emotional type days. I had my ultrasound this morning with the company of my wonderful & amazing father & best friend. It showed our lil munchkin to be doing wonderful :) He's so active & as silly as it sounds, seeing him bouncing around in my belly, he already reminds me of his daddie. I am so thankful for the support system I have here. Never I am truely alone -- I was blessed with specific individuals in my life who are always by my side... However, today, laying on that table in that room, the blue-goo pasted on my belly, I felt a little beside myself. Granted, I always feel an overwhelming burst of happiness/giddiness when I see my little man, just today something was missing. Someone. Some days are easier than others. I can pretend he is just away or whatever helps at that time, but days like today, his absence is hard. Going through this pregnancy without him physically by my side hurts. I wish more than anything that he was here. It would make things so much better... But enough with that... Things such as this as those that I cannot change... I can't dwell on the fact that he isn't here, I can only be thankful that he is somewhere & that we are allowed to communicate -- that counts for something, right?

Well, anyways, for a change of subject... Another new little thing I found... Go over to & link up :) Her page is pretty cute as well!!

{one} How often do you do laundry?
Back when the hubs was home & I was on a normal routine, usually about once a week. Now that it is just me & of course, once lil man makes his grand appearance, I'm sure all of that will change.

{two}What is your favorite type of cookie?
Omg... I am craving cookies now!!! I loooooove cookies :) All different kinds, shapes, & sizes, but my all time favorite has to be the good ol original ooey gooey choco chip :)

{three}What would you do with an extra 2000 a month?
Save it. Pay off whatever bills that needed to be paid off & after that, in the bank it would go.

{four}What is/was your favorite subject in school?
If you count the "extra" courses you were allowed to take, photography was my fave :) but out of the normal curriculam, English. I didn't mind to read & all of the other stuff just came naturally to me. Or History. I'm a big history nut, well, I guess I wouldn't go as far as to say that, but I certainly never cared to learn about past events. Life back in the day always interested me.

{five}Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?
This would be a no. However, I would absolutley LOVE to!!! If given the chance, the hubs and I will definitley have to at some point.

{six}What was your high school mascot?
Black panther

{seven}If you had the chance to go into space, would you?
The idea of going into space in THEORY is awesome & I would love to, but in reality, no. Not only does it take FOREVER to get into space, the process is actually very hard on a human being. And I'm not a skeptic, but what if something happened once you got there? Ran out of fuel or crashed? I don't think so.... lol.

{eight}How often do you go dancing?
Never! I'm actually disappointed because. Hubs isn't big on the bar scene nor the club scene. And the VERY few times we do go out, other guys always seem to be a little inappropiate or grabby with me (I do NOT provoke it, just to throw that out there...) & well, you simply get the picture..

{nine}Would you rather drive or fly?
DRIVE!!! Loooooong drives and the music blaring from the radio, there is NOTHING like it. Not to mention the scenery along the way!! Granted it takes twice as long, but during that extra time is where you make the most memories!!

{ten}Have you ever been caught re-gifting?
Never have I re-gifted!!