Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 3

Write about your top ten pet peeves.

1. Lying. I absolutley, positively CANNOT stand when people lie. This underlying annoyance that I have with it I believe originated with the fact that during the past however many years of my life, I have been surrounded by several individuals who do nothing but lie. Huge lies. And the sad part, I believe that they have lied SO much that they honestly start believing their own stories. Either that or they reached too many points where they couldn't distinguish who they told what story/lie to and they would tell off on their very own lies. Its just sad. Granted, I've said/done things that I don't necassirily want/like owning up to, but its a part of life & adulthood.

2. Dead-beat fathers (& mothers). Yes. Another big issue of mine, again caused by too many of them that have crossed my path through very close friends over the years. If your man/woman enough to have sex & conceive a child, be man/woman enough to raise them RIGHT. Period. Its as simple as that.

3. Overgrown "little" boys. Let me clarify this term. In the town I am from, it appears these "little" boys aka 23-25 year old boys are everywhere. Partying is the priority. And if its not partying, its Xbox. Yes, flipping Xbox. They see nothing wrong with sitting on their hind-ends all day long, glued to a pathetic video game all the while doing NOTHING with their lives. No jobs. Still living at home with mommie and/or daddie. No cars. Its sickening. (Yes, I personally know some of these individuals. I want to slap them into reality more than anything.)

4. Hair pulling. Ok, my hubs is the KING at doing this and it drives me up the wall. Eyelash itching him? Why rub it? Just rip the hair right out. Hair thats a little darker on his arm? Leave it alone because its not that noticeable? Heck no, rip it out as well. It makes me cringe! I can't stand it.

5. Singing ABOVE the radio. Again, this is something the hubs has MASTERED. Whether he is singing along to the right lyrics or making up his own, no way will we be driving down the street without him belting out something. (Mind you, it can be in a normal voice or weird ones as well.) (I will add tho, now that he isn't here, I miss it...)

Ok. So, I'm sure there are many more things that could fall into this list, however, my mind is an absolute blank. 5 pet peeves surely is enough :)

There's A Time To Listen, A Time To Talk, And You Might Have To Crawl Even After You Walk...

Today has been fairly productive. Got started bright and early. Mind you, my to-do-list at the moment (hence being restricted from bigger things due to it being the weekend) was trivial things, but they needed to be done :) Breakfast with the family. That was very nice. Our family doesn't get together that often, not like we should. Its so nice when we do take "family time" though. Went shopping for care packages. I'm pretty sure the hubs is almost all set. Got my little easter theme going. I'm actually a little excited :)

My grandparent's 58th wedding anniversary was this weekend. I sat back and watch them -- they are as in love as ever & it just tugs at my heart. I hope that the hubs and me are that lucky and blessed that we can still be as we are now that many years from now :) Anywho, Happy Anniversary Gma/Gpa :)

It is Sunday, so as always, here's to MannLand5's getting to know you :)

the q's & a's :)

1. What's something that you have eaten and liked, but didn't think that you would?

Hmm.. On account that I am a VERY picky eater when it comes to trying new foods (even though I really do TRY to be open-minded about things), there's not too many odd things I've tried. Sushi would definitley be at the top of my list. Never ever would I have thought it would be one of my guilty pleasures, but it definitley turned into that. Another would be shrimp chips. Yes, SHRIMP chips. (There is possibly another "formal" name for them, but I wouldn't happen to know what that name is.) Since the hubs is part phillippino, he likes A LOT of off the wall things that just aren't heard of (to me, I mean.) He picked these things up and I thought he'd lost his mind when he started chomping down on them. I was sure he had lost it when he tried to get me to at least taste one. Granted, they aren't a favorite or anything like that, they aren't half-bad.

2. Plastic surgery -- yay or nay?

I'm all for it. If you have the financial means to do so then by all means, do it. You want a bigger chest? Have at it. A different nose? Why not? However, I'm not all for the people who overuses plastic surgery or the individuals that have procedures done for the wrong reasons. (Yes, I do believe there are RIGHT reasons for getting cosmetic procedures done, even boobie implants lol.) Do I think you should be comfortable and happy with what the Lord above gave you? Certainly. But it is surprising what a little enhancing can do to ones self-esteem. Granted, it shouldn't take something like this to make you feel better about yourself, but if it does and will, then why not?

3. 2 things you love about spring are?...

The fact that its almost summer :) (without the intense heat!) The storms spring brings are my favorite. I sleep so soundly during this time of year lol. & of course, the liveliness of everything -- the green grass, the blooming flowers and trees. Its so uplifting after evil winter leaves.

4. When's the last time you went on a picnic?

Wow. I don't even remember its been that long!! I may have to change that once the hubs comes home, either for r&r or for good :)

5. What's your favorite app?

I'm assuming this is referring to the Iphone or something similiar, I would say facebook since I am on it 99.9% of the time (sad, I know.) but I absolutley HATE the facebook app for the IPhone, its absolutley HORRIBLE! With that being said, it would have to be my Pandora radio app. Commercial-less music whenever I want it? I think yes!

6. Who does the grocery shopping in your house?

Me. Always me. Even if the hubs is with me, I'm stuck pushing the cart & filling it, while he trails behind or in front lol.

7. Would you rather take a spin class or zumba?

I'm all for some Zumba, although I've never gone. It looks/sounds like so much fun!!

8. How often do you go out to dinner?

Waaaaaay too often. This will change however once I am settled in my new apartment. (That I'm praying the bestie & I get approved for this week. "Cross fingers & say a prayer for us")