Thursday, July 7, 2011

New 30 Day Challenge :)

We shall see if I can actually keep this one up :)

Day 1 - A Picture Of The City You Were Born In

Good ol' Owensboro, Kentucky, where everything & I do mean EVERYTHING stays exactly that same year after year. It has its advantages, but the place never grows. Never does anything exciting go on in this place but I must say, there is some beautiful country to be seen here. The backroads and the peacefulness of the country I missed terribly when I moved. Not to mention all of the memories every little place here holds for me.

After being completely MIA for a while, I guess it's time for me to rejoin the whole blogging community. So much has been going on here lately, it has just been to difficult to focus on it all, let alone write about it.
Pregnancy is still going well. Bigger than ever and very much ready to bring my little man into this world. I can honestly say I'm very eager to not be pregnant anymore, although I will miss feeling his little kicks and punches.
Hubbie's still gone. It feels like so much more time has passed since I last seen him than it actually has. I miss him terribly. More and more each day, but thats normal, right?
On the upside, I've been making some very wonderful friendships since I've been back to Kentucky. Continuing to learn more and more about myself. Hopefully growing in the right direction that I need to be growing in. I truely am trying to get the most out of the time that I am here. On the days that I want to get out of bed, that is. lol.
Anywho, until next time...