Sunday, July 25, 2010

My voice will be heard today...

Flyleaf.. definitley feeling their music today... their lyrics are just kinda fitting with my mood...

So, a rather interesting conversation with my soldier this morning has left me contemplating... It turned my mind back onto overdrive and the topic of our discussion is all that I can think of. Its a serious thing, a big deal, completely life-altering, but in an amazing way. I've just only got a few setbacks... Setbacks that I'm desperately trying to overcome, after all, I do not have much of a choice but to get passed them. They aren't going to change, so I guess that leaves the changing to me, right?

It never ceases to amaze me. The one thing that you always want is always the one thing that you can't have. And that feeling, that overwhelming feeling of desperately wanting, needing that simple thing never lets up. I dislike it very much so.

Today should be a good day.. I did get to talk to the love of my life multiple times (you have no idea how good that feels..) and I'm fixing to head to my bridal shower. Hopefully it stays this way. No breakdowns.