Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh Won't You Walk Through && Bust Through The Door && Take Me Away...

There's got to be a recipe for a good pick-me-up. The past few days all I feel like doing is sleep. Its like it completely overwhelms me and I can't even keep my eyes open. I get a spurt of energy while I'm at work but the second I get home, its a whole other story. Bluh. I'm never going to get anything done going this route.

**Comparisons are easily done, once you've had a taste of perfection..**

For a girl getting married in a year, you definitley would not guess that I am one of them. I've barely done any wedding planning. I haven't even decided where I'm going to have the dang thing at!! I still have 1 more bridesmaid that I need to choose!! How awful is that? It would be helpful if he was fine with letting me choose who was my bridesmaids, just as I let him choose who he wanted to be his groomsmen lol. I've got my colors picked out and my flowers. The reception? Not even close. I know how I want my cake, the colors and everything. And I actually do know who is going to do it as well as my pictures.. Boy, I still got a loooong way to go.

**Like an apple hanging from a tree, I picked the ripest one..**

I remind myself of my mother everyday. One way or another. I always talk myself out of things. I've got so many things to do and I need to follow through with a lot of decisions I've recently made. I wish procrastation wasn't such a close friend of mine.

**Oh, I wish I was looking into your eyes...**