Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've been such a slacker on this 365 days with pictures... I usually can stay on top of things when I decide to do them, its just been so easy to get side-tracked these past few days. With the hubbie gone, I know the majority of my posts are repetitive, so I try to wait until I have something semi-different to blog about. Not to mention, I've crashed into the stage of my pregnancy where the all-day sickness tags along with me daily. I'm sure nobody wants to hear about that one lol.
My countdown has finally ALMOST come to an end. Heading back to Hawaii very soon to be reunited with my soldier. I am absolutley estatic! Its going to feel so amazing to be back in his arms again!! I am so thankful to be so lucky!!
Still having issues with the stupid army hospital in Hawaii. Tripler has to be the most unorganized & people unfriendly out of them all. My girls back home all have been telling me to call early, weeks early even, to schedule my 12 week appointment because it took them all a total of 4 weeks to even get into see anybody! Well, at this going rate, I'll be heading back to Kentucky by the time I get an appointment. Day after day I call, an individual answers, and then I'm stuck on hold for 30+ minutes waiting to speak to somebody. Left my number for callbacks, stayed on hold, still no luck. I know this place is busy -- but seriously, that is just ridiculous (and irritating)!


Day 7

A Picture Of The Person You Do The Craziest Things With...

It is a definite toss up between these two. My two closest best friends. I've had way too many laughs & good times with these girls -- and only many more to come.