Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Are Not Alone Tonight... Imagine Me There By Your side...

I've been doing just fine these past couple of days. Honestly, I have. However, there's this feeling deep down in the pit of my stomach that something isn't right. I've gotten the privilege of speaking to that wonderful man in my life several times recently & I can hear it -- in his voice. He's not okay. I know he misses home & feels as if he is missing out on a lot when it comes to Tyler & this pregnancy, but I also know my husband. I know his voice, how he talks... Its beyond that. And I'm worried. Lord, knows I don't know all that he is going through over there & I cannot imagine the toll is has to be taking on him, but I'm just hoping I'm wrong, just this once & that I am reading too deep into nothing...

But anyways, I'm starting a new 30 day challenge... I didn't fully read into all of the questions of the one I was previously doing & well, the rest of the days, the questions are kinda real dumb lol. So here goes, its a lil different :)

Day 1 - Post a picture of your SO & list 10 facts about him :)

1. He is the most giving, kind-hearted person I know, once you get past his hard exterior.

2. His love for his family runs deep.

3. He doesn't let people get too close.

4. He is anything but selfish. He cares most about providing for his family. He puts himself last, even when he shouldn't.

5. He sings. All the time. Random songs. In the shower, in the car, doesn't matter.

6. He has an undying love for motorcycles.

7. Exploring nature. Get him around a beach with little creatures or a lake or just around any type of creature period & he is like a big kid. (who am I kidding? he's ALWAYS a big kid lol)

8. He doesn't give himself enough credit. (but lucky for him, thats what I'm there for :) )

9. He loves jui jitsu & is pretty damn good at it.

10. He's headstrong & determind.