Sunday, March 4, 2012

Its almost here. This past year is just about over. Did I honestly see myself making it to this point? I knew I would get through it. As a army wife that is what you do - push, press, deal, and "get" through life without your husband by your side. But I thought I would be more prepared for his homecoming. For the reality that will set in after he has been home and the new-ness is gone. The thought of it actually terrifies me as much as it excites me. He left simply me. He's coming back to a family and a life I've had to establish while he was away. The last thing I want to sound like is ungrateful or selfish. I want my husband home. If I had things my way, he would be walking through my front door at this very moment in time. However, we have both changed. We have both been through a lot this year. How will our communication be? Open or restricted? We do not get to speak much now. We only discuss daily topics - general things. Nothing in depth. No worries, hopes, dreams, fears, emotions... Am I silly to be worried? Things should simply fall into place, right? But will they?