Tuesday, May 3, 2011

day 7 & day 8

Day 7 ~ Post A Picture Of A Wonderful Friend You Have Made Because Your SO Is In The Military

I simply can't pick a single picture of a single person to put on here. Due to my hubs being in the army, I have met some AMAZING people. Granted, I have also met some iffy ones, too. But I am so thankful for those individuals that I have met. They are truely wonderful, strong, amazing women that I am blessed to know :)

Day 8 ~ Post Your Favorite Deployment Picture & Tell Why It Is Your Favorite (A Picture Of See-You Laters, Homecomings, Or Him Deployed)

Since we are still early in our deployment & I left for home a day before he left, I do not have any deployment pictures so-to-speak, not yet at least. This picture is from basic training, I figured it could count as a homecoming picture. I love it because I remember the rush of emotions I felt when he wrapped his arms around me for the first time in all of those months. It gives me hope for what I have to expect when I get to see him again :)