Monday, January 17, 2011

& if you could read my heart, you would know, without exemption, it was all with the best of intention...

The pregnancy got the best of me this morning. Official first day of nausea, that lasted, well, more than half of the day. Not too sure if I had something to do with causing it a little, but oh well. Hopefully I'll take after the mother (on just this one thing) & not endure morning sickness & all of that goodness that much. I can't believe I'm 7 weeks. Not too far along, but the weeks are just flying by.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what to do once deployment gets here... Move back here, deliver, & do whatever until he gets back? Or should I just tough it out and stay in Hawaii? I was a little certain that is what I really wanted before I got pregnant -- minus the fact that the husband didn't like the idea too much -- but now, having a newborn, I'm a little more nervous to be on my own. Plus, the baby's grandaddy doesn't want to be away from his grandbaby any more than he has to. Hmm. Maybe I should suck it up & just come back to good ol' Kentucky, as much as I hate the sound of that...

Amy's class was AMAZING this morning. I only wish I would have began to attend quite some time before now, I could push myself a little bit more. However, I'm bound and determind to stay as active and healthy throughout these next 9 months as I possibly can :)


Day 2.

A Picture Of One Of Your Favorite Memories

Compared to what we are about to go through, 4 months was nothing. At the time, however, 4 long months without him was so hard! Especially since we spent absolutley every waking moment with each other our entire relationship. Being able to see and hug and kiss him after all of the time -- feeling those butterflies -- was such an amazing feeling. Bringing him home after this definitley is one of my most favorite memories.